Import and Export data

Is easy way to import large amount of data without manually enter one by one. In order to import data select Tools from upper menu and next Import Customers or Products. Program uses CSV files to import (semicolon separated - ;).

Import Customers.
1. Clik on Save CSV Template button to get CSV file which you can use to import data. Open it in Excel or Libre Office calc. Fill available columns by your data and save. 11 columns are required: Name, Tax Number, Address, City, State, Post Code, Country, Phone, Mobile, Email, Note . If you don't need fill some coulmns by data don't delete them, just left them empty.
2. Load prepared document by Load CSV File button. See if the data are as you expected in Preview.
3. If preview looks Ok click on Import Data button. After that can be necessary close and open Customers page again to refresh data.

Import Products
Rules and steps to import Products are the same like for Customers but only 5 columns are required: Code, Name, Description, Category, Price. Note that Category will be added to Categories if not exist before.

Export data

You can also export your Customers and Products from program to CSV file. Exporting is very easy just select Tools and Export from upper menu to save file where you want.

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