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Backup and restore

Your data are safe because the Simple Invoice software has function to backup and restore. Select Tools from main menu and next Backup. Default, program will make backup automatically to C\:SimpleInvoice folder. In this mode backup is performed each time after exit program. But you can change it for manually backup when you select Manually and click button. If you want you can change place where backup files should be saved and change default C\:SimpleInvoice path. Backup files are arranged in folders named date like eg. 2017-09-01.

Restore option is very easy, just clik "Select file to restore" button and select file from backup folder. Note that your current data will overwritten and lost.

Move data to another computer.
If you need move the Simple Invoice software with your data to another computer you can use the restore option for this purpose. Just make backup on old machine and move this file to new computer. On new computer install the Simple Invoice software and use restore option on your backup file. After restore finished your data shold be on place.