• Invoice overdue days let you determine payment term. During create new invoice, days will be automatically added to Due Date.
  • Default Currency. Select currency you want to use. You can use USD, GBP, EUR, AUD and any other currency from worldwide.
  • Print invoice after save. When this option is on, after save invoice, print window will be automatically displayd.
  • Show currency symbol next to the amounts. In some places in program next to the amount, currency symbol is displayed eg. $100. Uncheck this option if you don't want show the currency symbol. NOTE: After change it may be necessary close and open invoices page (invoices list) to refresh view.
  • Show postal code before city in Billing Address. In some countries common address sequence is post code before city. Use this option to show postal code before city in billing address during create invoice.
  • Currency symbol before digits. This option is available only when EUR currency is selected. In some EU countries currency symbol is before digits (not after).
  • Enable stock control. Use this option if you have inventory and sell items. Read more here.

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