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Creating an Invoice

1. To create invoice clik a New Invoice button from the toolbar or use button on Invoices Page. The Invoice Details window appears.
2. Select customer by enter his name or press button to open Customers list.
3. Click Add Item button (or press Insert key) to open items list and select one to invoice. You can also add item to invoice by clicking in item column and select one from drop down.
4. Apply Discount to whole invoice by click Add discount button. You can also apply discount to selected item by enter value in Discount column. More info abount discounts go to Discounts.
5. Click Add shipping cost button to include cost for delivery.
6. Select Payments tab if you want record payment from your customer. Enter payment value in Amount column and select payment date.
7.Notice that every time you enter any value the system automatically make the calculations in summary row. Summary text boxes are on the bottom of the window and they display subtotal and total invoice amount. Additionaly Paid and Balance text boxes have colors. Light Red color indicates that invoice is unpaid but isn't overdue yet. Red color indicates that invoice is unpaid and is overdue. Green color means that invoice is paid.