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Documents settings

In this place you can customize Invoices to show or hide some informations on invoices.

  • Company details. You can hide business details on invoice. Tip: That is useful if you want include company logo with business details.
  • Shipping address. Show or hide shipping address on invoice.
  • Due Date. Show or hide Due Date.
  • Purchase Order. If you don't need show purchase order uncheck this option. Tip: You can use Pruchase Order field for other purposes.
  • Payment terms. Show or hide invoice payment term.
  • Payment method. Show or hide payment method on invoice.
  • Show salesman. Show or hide selesperson on invoice.
  • Bank account. Show or hide default Bank Account. You can manage your bank accounts in Bank Accounts section.

  • Items table. You can hide some columns in items table shown on invoice:

  • Show row number.If you don't need show row number uncheck this option.
  • Unit of measures. If you don't need show units like pcs. hour. ft etc. uncheck this option.
  • Show discount. If you don't use discounts for particular items uncheck this option.
  • Amount column. Uncheck this option If you want hide Amount column.
  • Unit price column. Uncheck this option if you don't need Unit Price column.
  • Tax columns. This option let you hide Tax Rate and Tax Amount columns. This is usefeul if your items are not taxed. For example in UK, if your business is not registered in VAT you should uncheck this option.
  • Product description. If this option is on, product description will be displayed in additional row on invoice.

  • Summary. You can show or hide some fields in invoice summary:

  • Tax Total. Hide tax total in summary. This should be unchecked for non-Vat, non-Tax Invoices.
  • Show subtotal.
  • Show paid. Show or hide total amount paid for invoice.
  • Show balance due. Show or hide balance due.
  • Show currency symbol in Summary. If you don't want display currency symbol next to values in summary uncheck this option.
  • Discount to whole invoice in Summary. If you applied discount to whole invoice you can show it in items table or in Summary.
  • Show currency name in Total field. You can show currency name like GBP, USD, EUR etc. in Total on invoices. If unchecked - currency symbol will be displayed instead eg. £, $, €.