The Simple Invoice offers six different business reports to check your balance in longer period of time. You can find out how much is your sales, how much is your TAX/VAT, customers who bought the most or which product has best sales. Track payments and overdue invoices.

  • Monthly report displays data grupped in Years and Months.
  • Daily report displays data grupped in Months and days.
  • Sales report displays data grupped by Products.
  • Customers report displays data grupped by Customers.
  • Payemnts Detailed view of payments on invoices.
  • Overdue Invoice The report will show the number of days that a payment is overdue based on the initial due date of the invoice.
  • You can show report for all or specific customer. Select report, date from, date to and click button. If you don't specify the date, report displays all the data over time.

    Columns description:

  • Invoice column - count Invoices.
  • Sub-total column - nett amount (without tax).
  • Payments column - total amount of paid invoices.
  • Balance column - total amount outstanding payments.
  • All reports are printable.

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