Stock control

Stock control feature is used to show how much stock you have at any one time, and for keep track of it. This feature is recommended for product oriented business. If your business is only service orientented and you don't sell items you can disable this option.

To enable / disable stock control go to settings.

When stock control feature is enabled there is some changes in program. Product detail window looks little different and contains additional fields.

  • Stock. This is amount of stock.
  • Stock low level. Identifying a minimum stock level. This is your re-order point.
  • Suppliers. Identifying the cheapest provider for this product. To select supplier for this product first you have to add new supplier on customers page.

System will notify you when stock reaches low level. Fields colored pale red mean that stock reached minimum level. Red color mean that stock is zero. Moreover system does not allow add more items to invoice than your stock.


  • Stock control works only with Products and does not work with Services.
  • Stock control works only with Invoices and does not work with Quotation and Proforma.
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