Access control

Use access control to create user account and set permissions. This feature allows you control who may open the program and how he can use it. Option is available from main menu. First add user who is administrator and set the password. Only administrator is allowed to add new users.

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Enable Show login window when program starts option to display window where users may login. Only user who enter his name and password is allowed to open the program.


You can assign permissions to basic user in order to customize the user's view to show only the features the user needs to perform specific actions.

The following permissions are available:

  • Has access to products
  • Has acces to reports
  • Has access to cateogories
  • Has access to customers
  • Has access to purchases
  • Has access to expenses
  • Can add products
  • Can edit products
  • Can delete products
  • Can delete invoices
  • Can issue invoice
  • Can edit invoice
  • Can issue quotation
  • Can issue proforma
  • Can issue credit invoice
  • Can issue receipt
  • Can delete purchase invoice