Business details

In this place you can enter your business name, address, contact or other informations you want. Text can be formatted and decorated by bold, italic or underline styles. You can also apply different font types and text color.

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Business settings

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  • Invoice overdue days allows set payment term. Number of days will be automatically added to Due Date when you create new invoice.
  • Print invoice after save. When this option is on, after save invoice, print window will be automatically displayd.
  • Show postal code before city in Billing Address. Address sequence in some countries contains post code before city. Use this option to show postal code before city in billing address during create invoice.
  • Include Additional Note when search invoice. If this option is enabled, you can search invoices by the content of the "Additional Note".
  • Sort invoices by number column. This option affects on sort order on invoices list in sales module. Enable if you want set default sort order by invoice number (default sort odredr is by invoice date) .
  • Amount in words. Use this option to show amount in words on invoices. Amount in words is available for following languages: English, French, Spanish and Turkish. Indian style option show amount in words using Indian numbering system (using lakh and crore words).
  • Currency settings

  • Default Currency. This is your default currency used on invoices.
  • Decimal places. This option allows set decimals in amounts. Amounts will automatically roud off accordingly to this settings.
  • Show currency symbol next to the amounts. If this option is on, currency symbol is displayed next to the amount eg. $100. NOTE: To see changes it will be necessary close and open windows to refresh view.
  • Use custom currency settings. If currency you wat to use is not available in dropdown above you can adjust currency in program yourself. You can set currency ISO Code, currency symbol, separator for decimal and group also pattern for currency symbol.