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  • Invoice overdue days allows set payment term. Number of days will be automatically added to Due Date when you create new invoice.
  • Print invoice after save. When this option is on, after save invoice, print window will be automatically displayd.
  • Show postal code before city in Billing Address. Address sequence in some countries contains post code before city. Use this option to show postal code before city in billing address during create invoice.
  • Default Currency. This is your default currency used on invoices.
  • Decimal places. This option allows set decimals in amounts. Amounts will automatically roud off accordingly to this settings.
  • Show currency symbol next to the amounts. If this option is on, currency symbol is displayed next to the amount eg. $100. NOTE: After change it may be necessary close and open windows to refresh view.
  • Currency symbol before digits. This option is available only when EUR currency is selected. In some EU countries currency symbol is before digits (not after).
  • Set dot (.) as decimal separtor. This option is available only when EUR currency is selected. In some EU countries (eg. Ireland) currency decimal separator is dot (not coma).
  • Enable stock control. Use this option if you have inventory and sell items. Read more here.
  • Allow negative inventory. When you manually edit your inventory you can subtract items quantity even if stock is zero.
  • Allow duplicates in product code. If this option is on, product code is not unique and may be repeated.
  • Include Additional Note when search invoice. If this option is enabled, you can search invoices by the content of the "Additional Note".
  • Sort invoices by number column. This option affects on sort order on invoices view. Enable if you want set default sort order by invoice number (default sort odredr is by invoice date) .
  • Amount in words. Use this option to display amount in words on invoices. For now only the English version is available. Denomination fields allows to set name for iniger part and fractional part. Indian style option display amount in words with Indian numbering system (using lakh and crore words).