Print dialog

To print invoice select one from list and clik button. Are available five different print templates, select appropriate for you. You can customize invoice appearance by change font type and size in Print Template settings. Print preview allow you to see how invoice will look like before print.

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Print Dialog allows you also send invoice via email or save as PDF document.

Page layout

You can print invoices on different formats. Available are most popular like A4, American Letter, A5 (Potrait and Landscape). Additionally you can set your own page size using Custom Setting. Default Printer Settings allows you to use page size selected in your default printer in Windows Sytem.

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Thermal printer mode

If you have thermal printer you should use "Thermal printer mode" option. This option makes that invoice has always one page. Page height is calculated automatically and depends on items quantity on invoice. You should use smaller fonts in Print Template settings to achive best invoice appearance.