Quick and easy invoicing software for small business!

Simple Invoice is stand alone software and does't need any additions which can consume system resources eg. SQL Servers or Microsoft Access.

System requirements

Simple Invoice was designed for latest Windows systems and works on:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 (Microsoft .Net 4.5 required)
Sorry, but doesn't work under XP or older...


Download package size 2 MB.

Current version: 3.11.2

Version 3.11 (2018/09/16):
  • Access Control feature. Give permissions to user. Read more
  • Available prefix to Invoice numeration.
  • Searching feaures improved.
  • Version 3.10.4 (2018/07/05):
  • Convert to Return Invoice with stock update. Read more
  • Add discount bug fixed.
  • Searching invoices - filter improved.
  • Version 3.10 (2018/06/26):
  • Credit Invoice feature. Read more
  • Available tax rate column when import Products. Read more
  • Import as Suppliers option when Import Customers.
  • Version 3.9.1 (2018/06/15):
  • Add item to invoice from dropdown by clicking item column. Read more
  • Statement. Show all transactions with payment date, description and previous balance. Read more
  • Fixed some small issues.
  • Version 3.8.7 (2018/06/02):
  • Billing address on the right side option fixed.
  • Default quantity set to 1 when add items to Invoice.
  • Show subtotal amount and tax amount columns in Sales by Invoice Number report.
  • Version 3.8.6 (2018/06/01):
  • Available new language: Dutch (Belgium)
  • Option to use Inclusive Tax for items.
  • Show billing address on the right side on invoice.
  • Option to show tax rate and tax amount columns separately.
  • Search by salesman fixed.
  • Version 3.8.5 (2018/05/14):
  • New reports: Sales by Invoice number, Sales by Invoice items, Sales profit, Inventory report. Read more
  • Option to generate reports for Products or Services (Sales report, Sales by Invoice number).
  • Speed up reports generation.
  • Version 3.8.4 (2018/05/09):
  • Access control feture. Control who is allowed to open the progrm. Read more
  • Enable amounts of Quotation and Proforma in summary row on documents list (optionally)
  • Fixed disappearing invoices issue when use "Create Similar" option
  • Version in 3.8.3 (2018/04/28):
  • Available "cost price" column during import products
  • New window to add/subtract inventory amount
  • Profit calculation feature
  • Disable stock control option for particular product
  • Allowed type in more characters in custom fields