Simple invoice is classic desktop software and works only under Windows systems.

Support platforms

  • Windows 11
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7 (Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6.1 or higher required)


Current version: 3.25

Download package size: 2.90 MB

Changes in 3.25.0 (2022/09/05)

  • Set border thickness and border color for items table on invoices. Option available in Print Template settings.
  • PaidBy field in Expense Module.
  • Extend Custom field to 60 characters.
  • Sale Date on Sale Payments Report. Purchase Date on Purchase Payments Report.
  • Purchase Overdue Report.
  • Include/Exlude Receipt in Sales Reports option.
  • Cannot save the text in the editors bug fixed.
  • Network printer bug fixed.
  • Rounding decimals on invoice bug fixed.
  • Date format with Hijri Callendar bug fixed.

Changes in 3.24 (2022/04/09)

  • Purchase Payments report.
  • Available new languages: Albanian, Estonian, Urdu
  • Hijri calendar available in Global Settings.
  • Import Invoices addresses to CSV file.
  • Hide total row on Packing Slip (in Packing Slip settings).
  • Network printer bug fixed.

Changes in 3.23 (2021/03/14)

  • New print page size formats available: A5 portrait, American Letter, Custom Format. Read more
  • Support for thermal printes. Read more
  • Support for barcode scanner. Read more
  • Amount in words now available also for French, Spanish and Turkish language.
  • New print template 5 available.

Changes in 3.22 (2020/07/18)

  • Create Sale Receipt
  • Customize setting for each type of documents separately
  • Invoice Numeration extended. Now you can include day and month to your numeration.
  • Added Turkish language
  • Added Danish language
  • Some minor fixes and corrections.

Changes in 3.21 (2020/05/23)

  • Expense module.
  • Make Backup when program is running. Set backup interval. Read more.
  • Dropdown to quick select date range like: last week, last month, last year, current year ect.
  • Shipping address available in Purchase Module
  • Additional button (now are four) for custom fee.
  • Available Greek language

Changes in 3.20 (2020/03/01)

Update to version 3.20 provides following features and changes:

  • Set image for product. Read more in Inventory.
  • Return invoice, to record sales return. Read more in Return Invoice.
  • Costing info feature to set method for product purchase cost. Read more
  • Custom currency settings.
  • Notification when product date is near expiry.
  • Remember last product price for customer. Feature useful if you have different product prices for different customers. Last price is available when you add item to invoice.
  • Show customer mobile and tax number on invoice.
  • Hide quantity column on invoice.

Changes in 3.19 (2020/01/11)

  • Performance in products module improved. Now products list works very fast even if in inventory is more than 10000 items!
  • Support for keyboard in configuration.
  • Change font family and font size for the user interface in global settings
  • Change items order on invoice using drag and drop feature.
  • Remove prefix separator "/" in invoice numbering.
  • Convert to return invoice option now allows to return also partial sale.

Changes in 3.18.1 (2019/10/23)

Update to 3.18 version provides following changes:

  • Missing purchase reports fixed.
  • Previous balance visible on invoice.
  • Can edit invoice permission available in access control.
  • Allowed to store backup files on external volume and cloud drivers. Read more
  • Overdue invoices report: Dropdown to select thresholds of: 30 day, 45 day, 60 day or 90 day.
  • Update languages.

Changes in 3.18 (2019/08/21)

  • Multiple taxes. Read more
  • Amount in words (only English and Indian style).
  • Sales item, purchase item, inactive item
  • Code column available on invoice.
  • Simple Invoice update notification.
  • Persian language.
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

Changes in 3.17 (2019/03/02)

  • Custom Fee feature. Read more
  • Allowed 3 decimals in amounts and some new options.
  • Use colors to highlight text in messages.
  • French language now available.

Changes in 3.16 (2019/01/19)

  • Purchase Module. Read more
  • New reports: Purchase reports, Sales by Category, Profit and Loos report.
  • New report dashboard: show/hide columns feature.
  • Many improvements and bug fixes.