Backup and Restore

Your data is safe because the Simple Invoice software has feature to backup and restore.

Go to main menu and select Tools -> Backup.

There are two options to make backup in program: Manual and Automatic.

When Automatic option is selected then program makes backup each time you exit program. This is recomended option. Backup files are arranged in folders named date like eg. 2019-09-01.

Backup folder

By default backup files are stored in C:SimpleInvoice folder, but you can specify different backup folder.

You can also make backup manually, then you will have to select destination folder to save backup file.

Responsive image

Restore option is very easy, just clik Select file to restore button and select backup file to restore. Note that your current data will overwritten and lost.

Move data to another computer.

If you need move your data to another computer you can use restore option for this purpose. Just make backup on old machine and move this file to another computer. Install the Simple Invoice software and use restore option on your backup file. After restore finished your data will available.

Store data on external drive or in cloud

Since 3.18.1 version you can set backup path to external drive, pendrive, google drive, one drive, dropbox etc. and make restore directly from these locations.