Return Invoice

Sales return occurs when a customer returns an item that is defective, is the wrong quantity, or for some other reason. When a customer returns merchandise, the seller has to record the return in its accounting records.

To create Return Invoice select invoice on list, right mouse button and from hidden menu select Create Return Invoice. Return Invoice will be created based on selected invoice with all details and quantity.

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As you can see numbers on Return Invoice are negative, it is because balance of your customer must be reduced. Partial return is also allowed, you can edit return invoice and change items quantity.

Return invoice has the same number like its original invoice and thanks for it you can find both on list quickly.

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Stock Control

If you use Stock Control feature, items are added back to the stock. This is option is conditional and you will be asked about that when saving Return Invoice.

Sales Return Report

In Reports module is available Sales Return report which is based on Return Invoices.

Overdue Report

You can find out which invoice is actually not balanced using Overdue report. Return Invoice is linked to original invoice and thereby reduces its balance. If original invoice amount minus Return Invoice amount equals zero mean that invoice is balanced. Such invoice is not showed in Overdue Report.