Custom Fees

Custom fee feature allows apply additional charges and discounts to invoice. Default are available three items:

  • Discount
  • Shipment
  • Stapm Duty
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Fee can be applied to invoice as:

  • fixed amount
  • percentage of the subtotal
  • percentage of the total

You can also specify placement on invoice:

  • in items table
  • in subtotal
  • after total

Fee can be applied to invoice manually or automatically. In manuall mode you have to assign fee to button which will be available when you edit invoice. There are three buttons to customize. You can set the button name, assign particular fee and set button as editable. Button set as editable allows select different fee when you edit invoice.

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Use Fee applied automatically to invoice option if you want add fee whenever you issue new invoice. In this mode fee is applied in background. Is invisible as item but it's amount is included to total due.

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Set as discount. This option should be checked if fee is discount and if you use stock control. This is important to correctly calculate profit in reports.