In this place you can customize settings for invoice. You can change text fields, set numeration format and enter some messages displayed only on invoice.

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You can customize numbering format for your invoices using formats below.

Assume your invoice number is 100 and today is 12th July 2020.

  • Number. Only number will be displayed eg. 100
  • NumberYear. Invoice number and year. eg. 1002020
  • NumberYearMonth. Invoice number, year and month eg. 100202007
  • NumberYearMonthDay.Invoice number, year, month and day eg. 10020200712
  • NumberYearDayMonth.Invoice number, year, day and month eg. 10020201207
  • Reverse date. This option move year at the end, eg. 10012072020
  • Number at the end. Number is at the end eg. 20200712100
  • Number separator. For instance set "-" (dash). 100-20200712
  • Date separator. For instance set "\" (backslash). 100-2020\07\12

Optionally you can also set prefix and suffix for numeration.

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Starting number

If you already have been using a different invoicing program and therefore will have an existing invoice numbering system, you are allowed to set initial number. To do this, during create first invoice select button next to invoice number. In new window select numeration type you want to use and change initial number.For example your last invoice number in prevoius invoicing software was 120, so select numeration type (first type) and enter next number as 121. Now all subsequent invoices numbers will automatically increment by one each time you make a new invoice.


Use messages if you need show some additional informations on invoices. There are two places - upper and bottom message. On screen below you can see position of them. Text can be decorated by different font family, font styles, sizes, text align and colors.

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